BOOK REVIEW: Anxious for Nothing

Posted on Jan 27 2018 - 2:48pm by Rebekah Schrepfer

I really enjoyed this little book.  It was convicting for me.  We complain about the most mundane and normal things in life.  Chapter 8 especially was good about complainers in the church, and also about how parents can handle children who complain.  It was excellent.  Here is how Macarthur puts it.

“The complaints have become more and more petty over time. Think about the things most people complain about, get anxious over, and even become enraged over. You may feel convicted. I know I’ve been guilty of letting some of these things bother me more than they should. Something as commonplace as a traffic jam can bring on incredible anger. Slow drivers in front of us and people who cut us off can be enough to make us fall back into sin! Talkative people irritate us. Long lines, short lines— any lines— drive us crazy. We want it our way, and we want it now! Think how distressed people become over crying babies. Rather than accepting them as part of life, a terrible brooding discontent has led to a frightening increase in child abuse. Phone calls at inconvenient times, misplaced keys, non-housebroken puppies, stuck zippers, tight clothes, unsuccessful diets, being rushed or interrupted by someone— we get distressed by the biggies, don’t we?”1

Beyond just simple worry or complaining, this is a good resource for any who are battling depression or anxiety, even for those who are just plain timid and shy.

“In the Christian life your focal point must be beyond yourself. In fact, the sooner you take your eyes off yourself the better off you will be. I see much harm coming from the current preoccupation with psychotherapy and intensive introspection. We can become so wrapped up watching ourselves that it’s like trying to drive a car while watching the pedals.”2

And I have to include this quote just to note that MacArthur addresses often in the book the relationship between an anxious person and the church, or more specifically, the people in the church.

“It’s been well said that the church is the only society in the world in which membership is based on the single qualification that the candidate be unworthy of membership.”3



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