A Woman Seeking God

Posted on Sep 4 2015 - 9:23pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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A Woman Seeking God

Discover God in the Places of Your Life

Rebekah’s Review


Mrs. Patterson is the wife of Southern Baptist Convention President Paige Patterson.  This exhortation to Christian women is much needed and welcomed.  She comes from a complementarian view of women’s roles and describes several ways in which this framework can be lived. 

I especially enjoyed her chapter, “Motherhood as a Career,” in which she outlines the many and varied tasks a mother must do.  This unique God-given role, she says, must not be thought of as a mere default arrangement.  Rather, knowledge and skills and practical training  and education are needed to mold the next generation into a God-fearing and mature capable adults. Therefore women ought to be encouraged to grow this storehouse of knowledge just as an employer would encourage continuing education for an employee’s individual purpose.  Patterson herself is no stranger to seminaries and theological academia having been an author, educator, and collaborator in various areas. 

Patterson’s book is a great supplement to a daily Bible reading program.  The chapters are not lengthy, but are filled with encouragement for the Christian wife and mother. So I read a chapter each day in addition to my regular Bible reading.  I highly recommend it! A beautiful addition to any woman’s library.