Cold-Case Christianity

Posted on Feb 13 2015 - 11:15am by Rebekah Schrepfer
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Cold-Case Christianity

A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospel

Author:  Wallace, Warner J.   
Genre:  Bible Study, History
Publisher:  David C Cook2013
Tags:  Apologetics, Salvation, Truth

Rebekah’s Review


J. Warner Wallace is a homicide detective who brings us along in his book as he questions the claims of Christianity and uses his skills to investigate the validity of the faith.  I love a good mystery, and many of my friends shake their heads at my fascination with real-life murder mysteries.  The truth is always much more interesting to me than fiction.  Wallace walks the reader through the steps of investigation.  Not only was I impressed with his credentials as an L.A. homicide detective, but also with the logic that is needed to prove a case!  What does a circumstantial case mean?  How can we be certain that the Bible is true and that the writers, especially the New Testament writers, really saw the resurrected Jesus?  His explanation of what the chain of custody means to the validity of Biblical texts was especially interesting.  What about biased witnesses?  

Truth will be logical.  The Bible is truth, and God is a God of Truth.  Apologetics is a worthy study for any Christian for this reason.  I appreciated very much Wallace’s explanation that agreeing with the truth (assensus) is not full faith.  True believing faith entrusts (fiducia) the Lord with his soul based on that truth.  Read it!

Note:  The terms assensus and fiducia are latin terms that describe saving faith.  A further explanation is found here, “Saving Faith”.