Fusses, Fights, and Funerals

Posted on May 22 2020 - 1:35pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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Fusses, Fights, and Funerals

What's important and what's not in Christian music

Author:  Everson, Ben   
Genre:  Christian Living, Ecclesiology, Ministry
Publisher:  Ben Everson Ministries
Tags:  Local Church, Music, Sanctification

Rebekah’s Review


The worship wars may be in a bit of a stand-still, but the opinions are still ingrained in all of us.  I’ve appreciated Ben Everson’s music very much as well as his testimony, so I was happy to see him write a book about his point of view.  Being conservative myself about music, I know that this point of view is in the minority.  And even among us conservatives there are nuances of meaning and application.  Unfortunately, we tend to shy away from being very precise about it all.  I get tired of the fight myself.  Bro. Everson’s approach was refreshing.  It appealed to my organized mind, too!

I appreciate that he is writing from a “Dispensational Baptistic Perspective” (pg 7).  Whew!  Thank you!  I don’t have to give any caveats about theological differences we may have.  I also appreciated his honesty, a humility we all must cultivate, to say that we cannot pigeon-hole every style of music and every person or church who uses a particular style.  Rather he sets out the frame-work he himself uses to evaluate the nuances of church music.  And I think he’s about as precise as one can be.  As his title suggests, there are some things that are important and some things that are not in Christian music.  

I’m out of the loop on the contemporary music landscape these days.  So it was nice for me to read from someone who is in and around it every day.  Well worth the price.

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