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More than a Change of Clothes

Author:  Keller, Kent, Peace, Martha   
Genre:  Christian Living
Publisher:  P & R Publishing2015
Tags:  Children, Single Ladies, Women's Ministry

Rebekah’s Review


Martha Peace is a wonderful author for women’s issues, not the least of which is her book, “The Excellent Wife“.  She teams up with Pastor Kent Keller to bring us a book solely devoted to the topic of modesty.  The book is geared toward young women in particular, but I think women of all ages can benefit from it.  

The emphasis on the heart issues is so refreshing.  Although details about specific items of clothing are addressed, by far the priority of the book is to focus on the heart’s attitude toward God and His value of your body.  The seriousness of the sin of nakedness and immodesty is clear.  Clothing itself does not change a heart, but Keller and Peace are right to point out that “immodesty and sinful people make for an explosive combination” (Loc. 543).

There is a section devoted to parents in particular which is helpful.  I am considering reading this book along with my young daughters when they reach puberty.  There are discussion questions and a Scripture index that make this book very easy to use in a group setting or individually with your own daughter.  

The only caution I would express is the use of the term “legalism”.  They define the word as “a sinful way of trying to please God,” and “adding to God’s Word.”  (Loc. 1533)  The definition I’ve always understood was that legalism is adding to the gospel itself.   Trying to earn salvation or keep from losing it by works is true legalism.  But these days the circle has been drawn larger so that term, legalism, is now used for anything that leads to that belief, I guess.  Piety and striving to please God as a Christian is a good thing, not a bad thing (1 Thess. 4:1Heb. 11:5-6Col. 1:10Gal. 1:10).


** I read this book on my Kindle, hence the denotation of location numbers (Loc.) rather than page numbers.