Partners in Ministry

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 6:18pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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Partners in Ministry

Help and Encouragement for Ministry Wives

Author:  Hoover, Christine   
Genre:  Ministry
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services2014
Tags:  Local Church, Women's Ministry

Rebekah’s Review


This was a good little book overall, especially for the Type A personality pastor’s wife.  For me it seemed like a lot of the author’s struggles within her spirit were not my struggles.  I wished there was more from my point of view.  However, there was a lot here that were good reminders for me.


  • Being (or not being) the cool church is not the point.
  • Strength and power comes from God.
  • Faithfulness is the goal.
  • Uniqueness of each individual and individual ministry.
  • The need for rest.
  • We don’t need the approval of man, only God’s approval.
  • The chapter about Friendship was better than I thought it would be.   It was not the type of stuff I want to hear or do, but it was good for me.
  • The chapter “Specifically for Sundays” was …. what I needed.


The only negatives were my old annoyance at the author’s concept of grace living or gospel living versus “legalism”.  Do we change through effort?  Yes.  (See my article “It’s a Relationship AND a Religion”.)  Also, this kind of writing is such a contrast to the old style writing about sanctification and holiness.  While the casual, modern language is enjoyable and easy and quick to read, I find myself wanting to go back to Tozer or Spurgeon for some more depth.