Planting the Seeds

Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 6:18pm by Rebekah Schrepfer

Grandpa SlobodianI’ve so enjoyed reading my Aunt Debbie’s blog, “A Well Watered Garden.”  This post features my grandpa and his garden.  He inspired her to become a Master Gardener.   Peter Slobodian was a farmer at heart, and even when he brought his family from Argentina to the United States in 1957 answering the Lord’s call on his life to preach the gospel, he never lost his desire to grow and cultivate a garden. I remember many trips to see my grandparents in their 3-flat in Chicago.  We spent hot summer afternoons out in this yard under the tree.  And you can see that the lawn chairs were there waiting for the family to come and just enjoy each other.  Grandpa’s love of seeing plants grow translated to his love of planting the seed of the Gospel into people’s hearts and watching it grow.  His ministry to Slavic & Hispanic people of Minneapolis & Chicago, and then to his childhood home of Ukraine & Russia saw many churches planted, watered, and grown.  (See the video below for a more complete history.)  He was constantly encouraging anyone he met to join him as a laborer for the Lord of the Harvest.  (Luke 10:2) 

Giving God The GloryIn all the busy-ness of planting churches and sowing the seeds of the Gospel, grandpa always found time to enjoy his own garden and share the produce with his family and friends.  He is now waiting with his Lord in heaven for the Great Harvest of souls.  (Rev. 14:15)   What a day that will be!  I miss you, grandpa, and I loved watching your gardens grow!

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