Alice Dalgliesh books

Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 2:22pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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Alice Dalgliesh books

Author:  Dalgliesh, Alice   
Genre:  Education, Fiction
Publisher:  Aladdin1991
Tags:  Children, History, homeschool

Rebekah’s Review


Courage of Sara Noble Bears on Hemlock Mountain 4th of July Story Thanksgiving Day Story

I discovered Alice Dalgliesh’s when her Thanksgiving Story was recommended to me.  My kids enjoyed that story so much that I looked to see what other books she had written. Sure enough, the rest of her children’s stories are classics, and I wish she had written more before her death in 1979.  These are perfect for early readers.  The 4th of July Story and the Thanksgiving Story are both suitable for reading to young children.  The Courage of Sarah Noble and the Bears on Hemlock Mountain both appeal to my early readers.  I have been wanting to challenge my oldest two children to read more than just the simple stories, and these books fit the bill.  They have short chapters and could be read in one sitting if they are willing.  

The stories are based on early American history.  They are simple and sweet in their tone.  They are accurate in the details but not overwhelming with too weighty concepts.  Bravery and kindness to others are the main virtues on display, and so I would recommend these for your early readers!