Edges of Truth

Posted on Feb 27 2016 - 2:07pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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Edges of Truth

The Mary Weaver Story

Author:  Brammer, Deb   
Genre:  Bible Study, Biography, Family
Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2013
Tags:  Devotions, Truth, family

Rebekah’s Review


Edges of Truth is a true story of a woman falsely convicted of murder. I love real life crime stories, and this really satisfied my appetite for it.  I was swept up in the story of injustice and redemption and couldn’t put the book down!   The issue of shaken baby syndrome is explored as well as the difficulties of the legal system.  Although there are a lot of legal and medical details, Deb Brammer brings the reader along easily.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Deb Brammer is a missionary wife serving with her husband under Baptist Mid Missions.  She is an incredible author both for adults and children.  She also writes puppet plays and church programs especially geared toward small churches.  So I love that!  

Visit her website for all of these ministry resources. >>>

I Survivied, Bible StudyI Survived:  5 Bible Characters Who Survived Disasters

Art & Deb Brammer wrote this companion Bible Study book to go along with the story of Mary Weaver.  Though the study can be done without the novel, it really does dovetail well with it.  I especially appreciated chapter 7 and the discussion about the role of hardships.  The Brammers make an important distinction between hardship and sin.

 “Hardship produces spiritual growth, but sin hinders progress and makes a Christian ineffective.”