The Be Series

Posted on Feb 27 2016 - 6:58pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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The Be Series

Author:  Wiersbe, Warren   
Genre:  Bible Study, Commentaries
Publisher:  David C Cook2015
Tags:  Devotions, Doctrine, Salvation, Sanctification
Series:  The Be Series

Rebekah’s Review


I added Warren Wiesbe’s bundle of commentaries on The Gospels in his “Be Series” books to my Kindle.  Each book is named for its accompanying virtue that the Bible is calling us to display.  “Be Loyal” is the commentary on Matthew, for instance.  “Be Dilligent” is Mark.  “Be Compassionate” is the first  part of Luke, and “Be Courageous” is the second part of Luke.  “Be Alive” is the first part of John, and “Be Transformed” is the second part of John.  The idea, of course, is that as we learn the Scriptures we are learning how to let the Lord change us on the inside.

Encouraging and helpful, these commentaries deepened my knowledge of the Lord himself as seen in the Gospels.   Wiersbe is pretiribulational and premillennial, which helps in our understanding of many of Jesus’ parables and it helps in reconciling the beginning of His ministry with the end of it. It is a  great set of books for the lay person, but also full of interesting anecdotes and pithy sayings giving it a nice devotional style of writing.  Much of it is geared toward some simple applications of the passages rather than a technical explanation of the texts. 

I read it in connection with my Bible reading trying to read the whole set of Gospel commentaries as I came to the passage each morning.   Each chapter has a set of devotional questions at the end, so it really is geared toward a Bible Study setting or a more in depth devotional time.  But that was too much to read for my morning devotion time and turned out to be difficult to read even in an hour’s session.  Unless you have a good hour and a half or so each day, you won’t be able to keep up with a Through the Bible reading schedule.  However,  it would be a handy volume to have at the ready as you read through the gospels at a slower pace.  I am looking forward to using his other Be Series books in the future.