American Flag Quilt

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 2:42pm by Rebekah Schrepfer

american-flag-quiltIt was my son’s turn for a new quilt on his bed.  He was the lucky recipient of my very first attempt at quilting.  But now as a 9 year old boy, he had outgrown Bob the Builder fabric and Thomas the Train.  So he chose this American flag design from “Piece ‘n’ Play Quilts” by Judy Martin.  There are several really neat designs in the book! 

So I spent quite a lot of time making flying geese for the stars.  I found a short way to churn out lots of flying geese which I loved.  I had to adjust my measurements a bit to fit the block size since the book did not call for this flying geese short-cut.  But after I had my pieces cut, I went to town making flying geese. I’ll have to do a quilt with lots of flying geese sometime!  I used my 1/4″ seam ruler quite a bit.  That tool is a keeper!

I tried my hand at pebble quilting on this quilt and I really loved it!  Boy, it would be nice to try it with a long-arm machine.  But my Juki did a great job!  The border design was just a nice curvy stripe using my walking foot.  Then I added some free-motion starlets all around the border.  I really like how it turned out, and so does my son.  So much fun!

1 large blue square with 2 smaller squares at opposite corners.  Draw a line 1/4" from the middle.
Sew on the lines.
Cut in half.
Press open.
Add another small square to the remaining blue corner.  Again draw lines 1/4" inch on either side of the middle.
Sew on the lines.
I chain stitch a bunch of these at the same time.
A bunch of them!
More and more of them!
Cut in half as before.
Press open, and voila! You have flying geese with not wasted fabric.
Lots of flying geese.
The flying geese become the points of the star.  Each block has stripes around 2 sides.  Some have 2 white stripes, some have 2 red stripes.
Border quilt design.
Basting!  I love the dark blue outside border.
All of the spaces were quilted with pebbles except the stars.
Stitching in the ditch.
1 large blue square with 2 smaller squares at opposite corners. Draw a line 1/4" from the middle.

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