Posted on Mar 31 2013 - 11:11am by Rebekah Schrepfer

Let me introduce you to MostlySensible’s contributors.  Because my thoughts and ideas are only mostly sensible, I need a little help now and again to bring the most to our sensibilities.  Until our sensibilities are perfect in heaven we will only hope to be mostly sensible here on earth.  In this life, our understanding and intellect are corrupted by sin in this world, but God has promised to those who believe that He would help us through his Word and the Holy Spirit.  Will you join us on this upward call to improve our thinking and actions to be more like Christ’s?

Rebekah2This is me.  I’m Rebekah Schrepfer.  I grew up as a preacher’s kid, and now I’m a preacher’s wife, a mom, a blogger, and I dabble in quilting.  My burden with the MostlySensible blog is to encourage ladies who are of like faith in their devotion to the Lord.  I hope I will be able to drive you to the Word of God through encouragement and devotional thoughts as well as home & hospitality ideas.
Mom & SaraThis is my mom, Ann Shrader (and my littlest girl).  Ann grew up as a missionary kid, and has been a Bible college professor’s wife, and is a preacher’s wife.  Mom gave me such a godly example to look up to!  I know her MostlySensible hospitality ideas and recipes will be an encouragement to you as well.
Rachel & SavannahThis is my beautiful sister, Rachel Deese (and her adorable daughter).  Rachel also grew up as a preacher’s kid, and she is now a teacher in a Christian school.  A very good one I might add!  With a master’s in Reading Education, her knowledge and MostlySensible homeschool helps are much appreciated!




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