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Posted on Apr 20 2024 - 1:40pm by Rebekah Schrepfer

Come follow me over on I will be migrating my articles and devotional posts, and book reviews over there. That platform will make it a bit easier for me to send you my writings directly to your email, or you can find me there as you are browsing through your other substack authors.

CLICK HERE to go to You can also find me there by searching my name, Rebekah Schrepfer. You can follow me there for free for occasional posts, or if you opt-in to the paid subscriber’s side, you will have access to much more. Subscribers will receive special posts, book reviews, the full archive, and will be able to post comments.

My substack articles and book reviews will be written from a Baptist, Dispensational, Complementarian point of view. I’ve just published number 2 of the Complementarianism Bible Study, so now is a great time to sign-up and receive each lesson in your in-box as it comes out.

Here at, I’ll continue to keep my recipes, quilt pictures, homeschool posts, and other SensibleHome ideas. But be checking back there in the future! The look and design will probably be updated in the months ahead.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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