Broken Britches Quilt

Posted on Nov 5 2016 - 12:15pm by Rebekah Schrepfer

brokenbritches1This was a fun quilt to design.  It wasn’t so easy to piece together, though.  In the end it was worth the effort. I’m in the mood to use up my scraps and stashed fabrics, so I wanted to do something with all of those old jeans I had saved.  The hexagons and triangles gave a nice texture to the quilt.  It gives it a kaleidoscope look.  I really love that!  The hard part was just getting that denim material to cooperate.  Some jeans were thick, some were thin.  Some were stretchy and some were not.   The plaid flowers was just an added plus.  I had that plaid material that I wanted to use in the border, but it just seemed like it needed a bit more throughout the quilt.  So I went for a random look with those stars.  

I hope that gives you some inspiration for your jean quilt!



20150712_220428 20160715_154050 20160719_194505 20160720_130627 20160722_155845 20160722_160805 20160803_115054


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