Warren Wiersbe

Posted on Nov 28 2020 - 3:03pm by Rebekah Schrepfer
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J.G. Stripe said, ‘Faith is like a toothbrush: Everybody should have one and use it regularly, but it isn’t safe to use somebody else’s.’ We can sing loudly about the “Faith of our Fathers” but we can’t exercise the faith of our fathers. We can follow men and women of faith and share in their exploits, but we can’t succeed in our own personal lives by depending on somebody else’s faith. (“Be Available”; Judges)


Wiersbe, Warren, The Be Series (David C Cook, 2015) .

I added Warren Wiesbe’s bundle of commentaries on The Gospels in his “Be Series” books to my Kindle.  Each book is named for its accompanying virtue that the Bible is calling us to display.  “Be Loyal” is the commentary on Matthew, for instan …

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