Butterfly Quilt

Posted on Mar 23 2013 - 2:51pm by Rebekah Schrepfer

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SONY DSCTwo years ago I made a butterfly quilt for my oldest daughter, Katie.  I had come up with the butterfly theme simply by watching her.  I was not thrilled about doing the typical girly patterns like hearts or flowers.  Those are easy to come by!  But butterflies were all over Katie at the time.  She had them on her shoes, her dresses, her coloring books, her toys, her shirts, etc.  There just seemed to be a lot of butterflies.  So I searched the internet for a butterfly pattern that I liked.

This pattern I saw called “Butterfly Town”.  I liked that it was a scrap quilt, but it was a paper-pieced quilt.  I haven’t taken the time yet to learn how to paper piece.  What to do?  I made my own pieced version.  It wasn’t the most efficient use of fabric, but it turned out pretty.  I had never done the piano-keys border before either, and I loved how it turned out!  I used the leftover scraps from the butterfly material to make the border.  The scalloped edge was done using a scalloped edge tool from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  And it was the first time I had ever tried a mitered corner.  The quilting was done free-hand.  I borrowed a friend’s long neck high-speed Juki, which was wonderful!  I gotta get me one of those!  I think it had a 9″ neck.

It wasn’t perfect, but Katie likes it!  And I do too.


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